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Strategic Reflections, Inc. is a National Business Consulting Firm which provides retail stores, financial institutions, grocery stores, convenience stores, and restaurants a direct insight into their customer experiences. The senior partners in Strategic Reflections have been coordinating customer research and market research projects since 1988 for regional and national clients. Strategic Reflections, Inc. has utilized a plan of action based upon experience for accurate and efficient design, development, and implementation of each and every research program. Programs are designed to measure, address, and resolve all of the critical factors that directly impact the customer service experience.

Strategic Reflections, Inc. has adopted the motto of "Helping Good Businesses Stay That Way." In order to facilitate this, our mobile survey questionnaires and market research forms are designed to allow customers to report their recent experiences relating to customer service to the client. The client then uses this information to coach and train their associates in a manner that will keep customers satisfied and eager to return for future visits.

The company's name and logo epitomize the philosophy of all who work at Strategic Reflections, Inc. Our firm uses the strategy needed to give reflective insight of the service clients are providing their customers. Different strategies are used in the collection of data to offer a reflection of the most important factor to any company – the customer’s personal experience. The goal for Strategic Reflections, Inc. is to have the client, as well as the customer, look to the future in a productive and positive light. Read more...