Strategic Reflections - Retail Industry

Grocery Industry

Strategic Reflections, Inc. offers a management by metrics process. We understand that in the rapidly changing world of your customers, you and your management team need quick access to your customer’s opinions about recent experiences.

Whether operating a small grocery chain or a large national chain, setting company standards and employee expectations across all areas of operations for a consistent customer experience is crucial to your business and provides consistent dialogue for addressing issues and communicating opportunities.

To aid customer retention and to improve repeat business in your stores, Strategic Reflections, Inc. will help you to:

  1. Identify your customer contact departments which impact your customer experiences and design a fair evaluation process.
  2. Process and review market research results from recent customers.
  3. Measure and deliver your data results so that all of your geographic regions have consistently been measured using the same standards.
  4. Track your performance by division, region, market and store location, so that management action plans may be drafted and implemented to improve the customer service process, thus improving your overall customer satisfaction.
  5. Navigate our on-line reporting system which is designed based upon your request. We grant/restrict access levels based upon your instructions. Our on-line reporting system allows you to track service trends, manage the information, is downloadable into excel, and provides a clear picture of your organization that can be viewed and understood by every level of personnel within your company. For example, you can track each store’s: speed of service at specific departments, cross selling execution, merchandising compliance, cashier service and overall store cleanliness.
  6. Hold your personnel accountable based upon the clear expectations built into the program which can be compared to the performance benchmark set by your entire organization.
  7. Impact employee performance by the ability to recognize and applaud key employees for greater motivation.
  8. Implement improvements that will impact both short and long term profits and future company stability.