Strategic Reflections - Retail Industry

Financial Industry

Strategic Reflections, Inc. recognizes that the face of banking across the US continues to evolve. Expanded products delivered through an array of outlets – branches, worksites, internet, mobile and more – can leave customers appreciative of the options but confused by the choices. And that’s why great customer service distinguishes the best from the rest.

Measuring customer service is what we do. Using in person audits or post transaction telephone surveys or a combination of both, Strategic Reflections provides rapid access to your customers’ recent experiences across all lines of business and at every touchpoint. We work with you to set service standards and then measure employees’ real interactions with customers against those standards. For example, we can help you discover if your employees are engaging your customers, articulating product knowledge, listening for and acting on sales cues and resolving problems.

We don’t stop there. As a Strategic Reflections customer, you have access to a professional team who work with you hand-in-hand every step of the way to strengthen your customer service. We know market research, we know how to develop and track customer satisfaction surveys and we know financial services.

Strategic Reflections, Inc. partners with clients to:

  • Identify areas to measure so that a fair evaluation process can be designed.
  • Process and review results from recent customers.
  • Measure and deliver data results so that all of your geographic regions are consistently evaluated using the same standards.
  • Track your performance by division, region, market and location.
  • Navigate our on-line reporting system. The downloadable system allows you to track service trends, manage information, and provides a clear picture of your organization.

As a result, organizations are able to:

  • Create and implement action plans to improve overall customer satisfaction.
  • Manage performance by holding employees accountable based upon the clear expectations.
  • Compare results against performance benchmarks.
  • Impact employee performance by recognizing customer service champions.
  • Develop and deliver meaningful, targeted training to develop the right customer service skills.
  • Implement improvements that will impact the organizations short and long term profits and future financial stability.

Our commitment is to help your entire organization deliver a consistent customer experience to every customer every time regardless of where or how the customer interacts with your employees. We realize that measuring is the first step to understanding performance. Let us help you understand what your customers are experiencing every day.